friday things

friday things.

  If you have not already listened to Maisie Williams calling into a radio show where Kit Harrington is being interviewed, please do so now. I am incredibly excited to read this issue of Vanity Fair, but more importantly, it has introduced me to the phrase “turnip toffs”. Look at this Austenland-themed bridal shower. Hello, Avett… Continue reading friday things.

Courting Royal

Announcing Courting Royal: My New (Serialized!) Book

A funny thing happens when you’re writing a series. As much as you may love it, at some point, it starts to feel like work and your mind desperately wants to focus on something—anything—else. Which is why I thought up a story that was escapism for me. At first, this little story was just something fun… Continue reading Announcing Courting Royal: My New (Serialized!) Book