friday things

friday things.

friday things


If you have not already listened to Maisie Williams calling into a radio show where Kit Harrington is being interviewed, please do so now.

I am incredibly excited to read this issue of Vanity Fair, but more importantly, it has introduced me to the phrase “turnip toffs”.

Look at this Austenland-themed bridal shower.

Hello, Avett Brothers!

Julie Andrews is getting her own Netflix show! Technically it is for pre-schoolers, but WHO CARES IT’S JULIE ANDREWS. Remember that time she surprised everyone at the Oscars by coming on stage with Lady Gaga? I definitely burst into tears when that happened. So,yeah, I’ll be watching this show.

I read this Jezebel interview with The Lonely Planet about their new movie (…I didn’t even know they had their own movie coming out until this interview…) and I really enjoyed it. It made me laugh.

I would very much like to read this novel about a lady who moves to Scotland to find her very own Jamie Fraser. Book club, anyone?

Also, do permit me this act of self-promotion: Chapters 12–14 of Courting Royal are up on Wattpad for your reading pleasure. And if you haven’t read the others chapters yet, you can do that, too. For free!

Happy Friday, everyone!

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