On Being a Bad Writer.

Lately, I’ve felt like a very bad writer.

I’m not motivated.

I feel overwhelmed when I finally do get myself to sit down in front of a work in progress.

The times I actually start typing words, they all feel wrong and stupid and not right.

It’s incredibly frustrating.

At first, I told myself that it’s just about getting back in the swing of things—I got married in September (yay!) and the months leading up to the wedding were full of planning and excitement, and I let my writing take a backseat because, well, weddings are important and time-consuming. I knew that once the wedding was over, I’d get back into my regular writing routine.

I told myself that because I’d never had issues getting back into the swing of it before. I would always just sit down and words would happen. Even on days when I didn’t really feel like writing, I could still make it happen.

That is currently not the case.



I’m not giving up. I’m going to keep slogging away—even when I’m positive that the words are The Worst and the characters are The Worst and the plot is The Worst—until I finally finish writing Kate’s Taking Flight book (what’s even worse about this whole thing it’s that it’s so close to being done!) and can return to Courting Royal.

I promise.

Thank you guys so much for hanging in there, and being patient, and never demanding to know where the next book is. You’re all gems.

That said, I might need a bit of a kick in the ass from time to time, so do feel free to check in—send me messages and tweets and Instagram comments asking how things are going. It might stress me out a bit, but maybe a bit of stress is what I need.

So. Here’s to writing, both good and bad.

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